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September 2012
...This year has been so amazing and so hard all at the same time! Amazing in the fact that I am fortunate that business was great and I am proud to be apart of an amazing agency as well as working for myself...I know, I am fortunate! It's been hard because I made the decision to pull myself out of the industry and put myself back in school for more training in Esthetics...I miss work...but the training and new knowledge I am receiving is irreplaceable...I am in the midst of my program and am hoping to graduate November 30th...My schedule is crazy but hopefully this will all pay off and I can soon put these 6 months in my back pocket and dive right back in to my love affair with this amazing makeup industry!
Till next update blog,
                             love...peace...and makeup...
July 2011
...Congrats to all my beautiful spring brides! It was amazing to work with all of you! I am so fortunate to be apart of your special day! Thank you! My summer time slows down a little, which is always nice after such a busy season...I was very fortunate to work with FUPI  this past month...we did a "Pin-ups and pups" calender to help raise money for this amazing organization! Pictures will hopefully be up soon and I will let you know info on how to purchase the calender....Normally in July I do IPOP with the amazing and talented kids, but this year it was moved to L.A. and because of Brides that had already been booked..I had to pass up the oppurtunity...I wish all my IPOP friends the best of luck this week! I'm sure it will be a blast...Hopefully next time :)
I hope everyone has a very safe 4th of July weekend! and as always I am still blessed to love what I do and be married to the man I love...thank you all for your support!
                                                Love...Peace...and Makeup
January 2011
...Welcome into the new year! It looks like it's going to be a great one! Congrats to all the soon to be brides who are newly engaged over the holidays! Let's make some wedding magic!
                                                Love...Peace...and Makeup
July 2010
...It's the middle of the summer...the weather is great and the brides are beautiful! I have had such a great time with all my projects in the past few months from weddings, photo shoots to IPOP! IPOP 2010 went great! The kids were hilarious and talented and the fashion shows were great, all "Gaga" inspired...Amazing! When July hits, it always begins to slow down..this has been my first breath since February lol! I actually get to sit back and remember how lucky I am to have a career that I actually love! I am blessed...
                                                                    Love...Peace...and makeup
April 19th 2010
..This spring has been wonderful with so many beautiful brides! This passed weekend I was blessed to be apart of Meg's and Sasha's wedding...they both made beautiful brides...I will be posting pictures of them as soon as I can! Congrats to all the brides this spring...and with my one year wedding anniversary coming up next month, I just love being around them! It makes me re-live that day...the day I got to be the bride!
                                                        Love...Peace...and makeup....
Jan. 8th 2010
..So I'm back from all my vacations through out the holidays and trying to welcome the new year! I was very blessed in 2009...I was fortunate to marry the man of my dreams...had a big beautiful wedding...bought a new house...and got to spend the holidays with my family in California! I want to thank my husband and my family for all the love and support in my career...In 2010 I Hope to make changes for the better...in myself and my buisness...I wish everyone the best in 2010!
                                                                      Love...peace...and makeup,
                                                                          Melissa Ferreira
Dec. 17th 2009
Hi everyone...I would just like to take the time to thank everyone for their support through my holiday special! I was proud to offer it to my returning clients and also my new ones, and I'm so glad you took advantage of it! I wish everyone the happiest holidays...I wish you nothing but the best in 2010!!!
                                                                 Love..peace..and makeup
                                                                    Melissa Ferreira
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